Are You Awesome Enough?
Congrats to The Awesome Race Past Winners
Thank you to all our past enthusiastic racers and wonderful sponsors, donors and supporters!
2016 First Place Winners
Team: Imagine.Taste.Enjoy
Team Members: Kevin Mazzone and Jennifer Fryer

2016 Top Fundraising Team
Team: STOP Team
Team Members:George Schwab and Keri Guelke

2015 First Place Winners
Team: Bluepers
Team Members: Brian Grove & Harry

2014 First Place Winners
Team: Rebel Alliance Batman CheeseMonster PowersActivate
Team Members: Julie Ng and Natalie Ng

2014 Top Fundraising Team
Team: The Brown and Beautiful
Team Members: Sarb Sandhu & Palli Kahlone

2013 First Place Winners
Team: Peking Lounge
Team Members: Michael Bennett & Daniel Poulin

2013 Top Fundraising Team
Team: Confounded Cloaca
Team Members: Michael McCoy & Maria Salzl

Teams raised funds for A Loving Spoonful and raced around metro Vancouver for a chance to win the most awesome prize.